Medical Practices

Relationships: We remind your patients of what you did for them

Dentists, Physicians, and Mental Health Professionals – You and your staff work hard to attend to the well-being of your patients. In return, you expect to be paid. When a patient’s account goes delinquent, collecting that money is no longer within the realm of providing health services.

Kason Credit is skilled in shepherding a bill from bad debt to resolved. Your staff can refocus on maintaining and improving patient services. If your practice utilizes a billing service, we will work in conjunction with them to recover the money you are owed.

We will collect your delinquent patient accounts with integrity and professionalism.


Self Pay: A small percentage of gross, but the biggest problem

You provide for the treatment of new patients with new problems every day of the week with no break in the action. Often, for a million reasons and counting, your patients can’t pay. Your revenue stream is capitated at one end and swelled with A/R at the other. What do you do?

Kason Credit can help with one side of that problem. We do what your collection staff isn’t allowed to do – we spend time and money collecting your money. You can take two things to the bank when we handle your delinquent accounts:  the money we collect and the professionalism and integrity we use in collecting your money.

Kason Credit can be the answer to all your collections needs.

Emergency Services

Who are you? Or for that matter, who is your patient?

Ambulance Companies and Walk-In Medical Centers – In emergency situations, time is of the essence. Your patients receive medical attention and frequently you don’t know who they are. When they receive your bill, frequently they don’t know who you are. In collecting outstanding balances, where do you start?

Kason Credit is the collection department for dozens of emergency medical providers and/or their billing centers throughout the region. Our clients rely upon us to locate their patients and recoup their money.

We deliver results.